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Twinshock or Mono, Trials or MX

1974 TY250 Yamaha  $1250.00 SOLD

 Very nice original condition TY250 right down to the original tires! 

Tank, side panels, headlight, taillight, cables are in good condition. This is a straight bike that can be rode as is, or restored to pristine original condition easily!

The front fender has a crack as well as the seat cushion. There is some slight surface rust on the frame in the usual boot wear areas. 


bikephotos/TY250left.JPG bikephotos/TY250right.JPG bikephotos/TY250tankr.JPG bikephotos/TY250tankl.JPG bikephotos/TY250throttle.JPG bikephotos/TY250switch.JPG


Scorpa SY175  $4250.00 SOLD
Here is a very low hour SY175...about 8 actually. We sold this bike new!
It has these B&J mods:
B&J High Flow Silencer
B&J Clutch with Hydraulic Control
B&J Torque Cam
B&J Ignition Control Box
Renthal Bar Conversion
Bar End Plugs
Long Ride Seat 
Extra New Rear Fender
Headlight, taillight and wiring harness included
bikephotos/scorpaangle.JPGbikephotos/scorpal.JPG bikephotos/scorpar.JPG bikephotos/scorpalc.JPG bikephotos/scorparc.JPG

1987 TLR200 Honda $1500.00 SOLD
Nice TLR200! Runs smooth and quiet. This machine has many B&J mods and is ready for competition!
Trials mods:
B&J clutch kit
B&J sprocket kit, 10/50 in 520
Honda factory jet kit
Domino throttle
B&J throttle and front brake cables
B&J adjustable clutch and brake levers
Alloy fork brace fender mount
B&J decompression kit
B&J custom side panels
B&J air filter kit
B&J number plate
Modified footpegs

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