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Scorpa SY125 4-stroke

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Scorpa SY125

The Scorpa SY four-stroke is great for beginners and experienced riders alike! This great little bike will tackle Expert sections with ease and grace and is an absolute joy to compete on in the lower classes. It will pull you right up an incline with no problems whatsoever!!

In addition to the upgrades available exclusively through B&J Racing, we also offer all the other things you need to make your ride as comfortable and competitive as possible! Check it out!

Big Bore Kits
We offer two different big bore kits for your thumper: 143cc, and 160cc. The 160cc kit requires boring your cases to accept the new cylinder spigot; the 143cc kit does not. We can provide a stand-alone kit for the DIY guys, or we can install the kits for you. We also do the boring of the cases.

Our big bore kits provide more torque, quicker throttle response, and better top end power. This gives you a substantial gain over stock horsepower. Both the 143cc and 160cc kits include a piston kit, a cylinder sleeve, and new head and base gaskets.
Both kits require machining your existing cylinder to accept the new sleeve; they then require finish-boring. The 160cc kit requires case boring to accept the larger sleeve.


Stand-alone kits:  $299
Installation:  $180
Bore crank cases (160cc only):  $120

Performance Clutch Kit
Our performance clutch kit includes a clutch cover gasket, friction plates, machined steel plates, a B&J clutch cable, and a performance clutch lever assembly. (Hydraulic clutch models do not include the cable and lever assembly.)

We found that the stock clutch plate thickness was changing with temperature, resulting in a change in the release point at the lever; the clutch was also prone to engaging abruptly. This was caused by two problems: clutch fiber composition and oil passage through the clutch. We have produced new, space-age compound fiber plates to be used with our custom-machined steel plates, allowing for more even oil dispersion and reduced heat-related expansion and harsh clutch engagement. In other words, it promotes smoother engagement.
Also included in the clutch kit is a B&J-designed clutch cable that is assembled with a seven-seven strand of aircraft-grade inner cable inside a flat-wound housing with a nylon inner sheath for maximum strength and flexibility. Finally, our lever assembly improves your clutch pull leverage ratios and adds smooth feel to your clutch's engagement.

For the hopped-up engines, we offer a slightly heavier clutch spring kit.


B&J Clutch Pack (non-hydraulic):
Clutch plate machining:   $65.00
Performance Clutch Kit $132.00
Complete Cable Clutch Kit $200.00
Adjustable lever:   $28.95
Clutch Cable:   $34.95
Heavy-duty Clutch Spring Kit:   $15.00

Choke Kit
We found the choke actuator bracket to be a little sub-standard, so we manufactured a more substantial bracket. We also offer a choke cable, which allows better routing to reduce cable chafing.


Choke cable:  $28.95
Custom bracket:  $16.95

Silencer Mod
We can rebuild your silencer with our custom-fabricated perforated core. Our core is on the left in the photo; the stock perforated core is on the right. This modification will give you better bottom-end and a sweet barking tone!!! If you prefer, we can provide the core only without the rebuild.


Core only: $24.95
Rebuild: $60.00

Other Upgrades
  • We have found that increasing the size of the pilot jet to 17.5 will help both performance and reduced warm-up times. In stock!! 
  • We have available handlebar mounts that will allow your Scorpa to accept 7/8" bars.
  • Changing your stock Scorpa tapered bars to Renthals  (5", 5.5", or 6") will change the height of the bars for a better and more comfortable riding position.

17.5 pilot jet:   $8.95

Bar mounts: $60.00

Renthals: $85.00

Clip-on Number Plate

Clip-on Number Plate
Manufactured of high-quality, hard plastic impervious to gasoline and chemicals.

Renthal Handlebars

Renthal Handlebars, 5" / 5.5" / 6"
High quality alloy braced 7/8" trials handle bars. Gun metal gray. Cross bar pad not included.


Renthal cross bar pad available separately
Sammy Miller cross bar pad

Pro Taper Handlebars

Pro Taper Handlebars
High-strength 2014-T6 aerospace alloy rated at 70,000 psi ultimate strength; 7/8" diameter. 1/4" cut guides for precise modivication. Knurled clutch side for secure grip hold. Shot-peened finish to increase fatigue life. Cold-forged crossbar with stainless hardware. Crossbar pad included.

Renthal Grips

Renthal Grips
Renthal grips in medium compound: $13.95
Renthal cross bar pad in blue, black, or red:  $22.95
Sammy Miller cross bar pad: $15.95

Bar End Plugs
Bar End Plugs

High quality fabrication. Unique design features easy on and off. Fits all bars. Looks great and protects! Available in 12mm or 14mm

Adjustable Lever Assy
Adjustable Lever Assembly
Alloy adjustable clutch lever for cable-operated clutches. Forged construction in anodized silver finish. Features 3 cable tension adjusting points; softens pull. We use it as a brake lever, too!
Domino Throttle Assembly
Domino Throttle Assembly
Slow- (black tube) or fast- (white tube) trials throttle assembly.
Black Tube  $26.95
White Tube  $28.95

Replacement cable wheel or cap
$3.95 ea
Domino Throttle, Aluminum Tube
Domino Throttle Assembly
Aluminum tube throttle assembly (fast or slow turn).
Cable Luber

Cable Luber
Used to inject lubricant into the cable housing. Clamps over the housing and wire, allowing an aerosol can to be connected. Once the lube runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated.

Rear sprockets  $
Front sprockets  $

RK 520 Chain

428 Chain 
Heavy-duty chain, includes extra master link

Additional master link  $1.99

Chain Break Tool


Chain Break Tool
Heat-treated, replacement tip included.

Extra tip   $2.95

Silkolene Chain Lube

Chain Lube
We recommend Silkolene Chain Lube.
This is the first fully synthetic racing
chain lubricant for motorcycles. 14.5 oz

Semi-synthetic Silkolene Chain Lube.
Suitable for all types of chain including o-ring. 16 oz

Kill Button

Yamaha-Style Kill Button

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plug

In-line fuel filter

In-line Fuel Filter
Fits 1/4" fuel line.

Motorcycle Fuel Line

Motorcycle Fuel Line
Black fuel line, compatible with a wide range of high performance additives. Extremely flexible, resists kinking.
3/16"    $1.60/ft

Filter Oil

Don't forget your air filter oil!
Silkolene foam filter oil is a high-technology coating treatment for all foam filtrs. It contains polymeric additives which provide a hyper-tacky surface to resist sand, dust and water, but not air flow. It applies extra thin to penetrate and then sets highly-tacky.
Pint - fluid $14.50
16 oz aerosol   $9.99

Maxima FFT foam filter oil is a waterproof filter protection against dirt and fine dust. Its synthetic formula does not restrict air flow, plug filter cells, or migrate off the filter.
16 oz   $7.08
Liter   $9.81


We proudly offer both Silkolene and Maxima pre-mix, gear oil, fork oil and anything else you need! Call for pricing!


Fork Seals & Wipers
Seal & wiper set   $
Seals only, pair   $

Fork Oil

Maxima & Silkolene Fork Oil
Silkolene fork oil is an advanced formula front suspension fluid that reduces wear, resists corrosion and oxidation. In light, medium, and interrmediate weights.
Liter   $9.50 ea

Maxima fork oil has a high viscosity of 190+ which provides uniform fork action over a wide temperatur range. Special additives control anti-foaming, rust and corrosion. In light, medium and intermediate weights.
16 oz   $4.89 ea

Rim Locks

Rim Locks
1.6, 1.85, 2.15
$7.99 ea

Trials Tires

Tire Tube

Trials Tires
IRC Trials Tires & Tubes
Tube-Type Front  $80
Tube, front   $12
Tubeless Rear  $130

Michelin Trials Tires
Tube-Type Front  $112
Tube, front    $13
Tubeless Rear  $183

Please clean your engine and/or components prior to shipping.
If we have to clean the engine and/or components prior to repair or modification, there will be an additional $65/hr charge.

Engine Rebuild (plus parts/machining)
Cylinder Boring
Port & Flow Head
Valve Seat Repair
From $75
Fork Rebuild (plus parts)
From $90
Shock Rebuild (plus parts)
From $90
TIG Welding
Carb Cleaning & Repair
From $45
Bead Blast
Powder Coat (plus supplies)
Lace & True Wheels

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