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RL250 Suzuki

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Cylinder Porting
A performance mod for your trials machine which increases torque throughout the entire RPM range, giving your engine smoother response, more grunt, and better top end. Combine with our cylinder head mod for the ultimate trials engine!

Cylinder Head Mod
Your cylinder head is re-machined to a new combustion chamber shape and compression ratio. This gives you more torque throughout the entire RPM range.

Reed Cage Mod

Your stock reed cage is modified for more flow. Combined with our Boyesen Reeds, this mod gives a broader, smoother power band. Don't forget your spacer kit!

Use the above mods with any and all of our other engine modifications for the Ultimate Trials Engine!

Universal Fenders

Universal Plastic Fenders

You will need to retain your original rear fender to bolt to our universal rear fender, or purchase two universal rears. Available in white, red, yellow and powder blue (not shown)
Front $32.00
Rear $38.00

B&J Fender Brackets

Front Fender Bracket
NEW!!! B&J -manufactured aluminum front fender brackets, available in your choice of finish. Made from high-quality aluminum, has a significant weight difference over the steel chromed version. For use with our after-market fenders. Painted and powder-coated finishes available for additional fee.
Front Fender BracketBrushed or raw alum finish  $65.00
Steel chromed Sammy Miller bracket  $72.95

Mounting hardware kit  $19.95

Alloy Fenders

Alloy Fenders
Dress up your vintage trialer!
4" Front   $118.95
5" or 6" Rear   $130.00

Skid Pan

Aluminum Skid Pan
Manufactured on-site out of quality aluminum. Lasts much longer than the original plastic skid pan and is a much better form of protection! Includes all mounting hardware.

Clip-on Number Plate

Clip-on Number Plate
Manufactured of high-quality, hard plastic impervious to gasoline and chemicals.

Renthal Handlebars

Renthal Handlebars, 5" / 5.5" / 6"
High quality alloy braced 7/8" trials handle bars. Gun metal gray. Cross bar pad not included.

Renthal Crossbar Pad

Renthal cross bar pad available separately

Pro Taper Handlebars

Pro Taper Handlebars
High-strength 2014-T6 aerospace alloy rated at 70,000 psi ultimate strength. 1/4" cut guides for precise modivication. Knurled clutch side for secure grip hold. Shot-peened finish to increase fatigue life. Cold-forged crossbar with stainless hardware. Includes crossbar pad.

Renthal Grips

Renthal Grips
Renthal grips in medium compound: $13.95
Sammy Miller cross bar pad: $19.95

Bar End Plugs
Bar End Plugs

High quality fabrication. Unique design features easy on and off. Fits all bars. Looks great and protects! Available in 12mm or 14mm

TY250 Footpeg Lowering Kit
B&J's RL250 Footpeg Lowering Kit
Footpeg lowering kit for the RL250! Does wonders for stance & balance. The lowering kits are straight bolt-ons. Comes complete with all hardware and mounting instructions.
Weld-On Footpeg Kit
Weld-On Folding Footpeg Kit
Footpeg Extensions
Weld-On Footpeg Extensions
Weld these manufactured-on-site extensions to your stock pegs for a wider area for your feet, more comfort, and better control (pegs not included).
Send us your stock pegs and we will weld the extensions on for an additional $30.00.
Folding Shift Levers
Folding Gear Shift Lever
Replace your stock shift lever with our folding-tip lever and have one less broken lever to worry about!
Alloy finish   $38.95
Adjustable Lever Assy
Adjustable Lever Assembly
Alloy adjustable clutch lever. Forged construction in anodized silver finish. Features 3 cable tension adjusting points; softens pull. We use it as a brake lever, too!
Universal Lever Assembly, Brake/Clutch
Universal Brake & Clutch Lever Assembly
Inexpensive replacement for your stock lever assemblies. Available in black or polished finish. Not for use with hydraulic clutch or brake systems. Available singly or in pairs.
Brake or Clutch Lever Only   $18.95
Brake & Clutch Lever, pair   $32.95

Domino Lever Assembly
Domino Lever Assembly, Brake or Clutch
The best quality guaranteed!
Brake or Clutch Lever Assy, Each   $62.00 ea
Brake and Clutch Lever Assy, Pair  $120.00 pr
Perch Only   $26.95 ea
Amal Lever Assy

Amal-Pattern Lever Assemblies
Aluminum levers; very forgiving and bend rather than break. Fit standard 7/8" bars. Available separately or in a pair.
Brake or clutch lever assy, each   $52.00
Brake and clutch lever assy, pair  $100.00

Domino Throttle Assembly
Domino Throttle Assembly
Slow- (black tube) or fast- (white tube) trials throttle assembly.
Black Tube   $26.95
White Tube  $28.95

Replacement cable wheel or cap
$3.95 ea
Domino Throttle, Aluminum Tube
Domino Throttle Assembly
Aluminum tube throttle assembly (fast turn).

All cables manufactured on-site,
assembled with a seven-seven strand of aircraft-grade inner cable inside a flat-wound housing with a nylon inner sheath for maximum strength and flexibility. All throttle cables require a Domino throttle assembly. Front brake cables may require your stock adjuster. Call for more info.
Throttle Cables (does not include throttle assy): $28.95
Front Brake Cables: $34.95
Clutch Cables: $34.95

Cable Luber

Cable Luber
Used to inject lubricant into the cable housing. Clamps over the housing and wire, allowing an aerosol can to be connected. Once the lube runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated.

520 Chain Conversion Kit

RL250 Chain and Sprockets
Rear sprockets are flat and require a spacer.
Rear sprocket  $72.95
One-time purchase spacer  $40.00
Front sprocket  $19.95

428 Chain (comes with extra master link)  $37.95
Additional master link   $2.99

Chain Break Took


Chain Break Tool
Heat-treated, replacement tip included.

Extra tip   $2.95

TY175 Chain Tensioner

Chain Tensioner
Comes complete with spring, arm, pad, and hardware.

Silkolene Chain Lube

Chain Lube
We recommend Silkolene Chain Lube.
This is the first fully synthetic racing
chain lubricant for motorcycles. 14.5 oz

Semi-synthetic Silkolene Chain Lube.
Suitable for all types of chain including o-ring. 16 oz


RL250 Flywheel

Brass Flywheel Weight

Kill Button

Yamaha-Style Kill Button

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plug

NGK Spark Plug Cap

NGK Spark Plug Cap
The best one we've found! Waterproof, genuine NGK "L"-style cap.

Piston Kit

RL250 Piston Kit
Includes piston, clips, rings and wrist pin.
After-market Wiseco piston in bore sizes 70mm-72mm (.50mm increments). Let us measure your cylinder to ensure proper sizing!
Std/1st/2nd/3rd/4th OS: $105.00
5th/6th OS: $115.00

Top End Bearing

TY80 Rod Kit

RL250 Rod Kit
Comes complete with rod, big end pin, big end
bearing, small end bearing and thrust washers.

RL250 Gasket Set

RL250 Gasket Set
Set includes cylinder head and base, carburetor, exhaust pipe, crankcase, right crankcase and magneto cover, and oil pump gaskets.

Flywheel Puller

Flywheel Puller

Case Bolt Set

Case Bolt Set
When you're through refreshing the engine and ready to put it back together, dress it up with our stainless steel case bolts! Everything you need in one easy package.

NEW! From B&J
New modular design for easier service and individual component replacement!
High-quality alloy rear silencer; re-packable.
Manufactured in house!
Muffler Packing
Muffler Repacking Kit
Made of tough dura-flex hi-temp fiberglass designed specifically for exhaust use. 1"x5"x10-1/2".
Mikuni Carb Kit
Mikuni Carb Kit
 Refresh your tired stock carb with a new Mikuni carburetor kit! Pre-jetted, ready to bolt on, includes all you need to make your RL run like a dream: new carb, Domino throttle assembly (your choice fast or slow), and a new throttle cable.
12mm petcock

OEM Petcock Assembly
Fits stock tank

In-line fuel filter

In-line Fuel Filter
Fits 1/4" fuel line.

Motorcycle Fuel Line

Motorcycle Fuel Line
Black fuel line, compatible with a wide range of high performance additives. Extremely flexible, resists kinking.
3/16"    $2.15/ft
1/4"    $2.25/ft

PCW Air Filter

PCW Air Filter
Manufactured on-site of high-quality foam. Fits your stock cage.

Filter Oil

Don't forget your air filter oil!
Silkolene foam filter oil is a high-technology coating treatment for all foam filtrs. It contains polymeric additives which provide a hyper-tacky surface to resist sand, dust and water, but not air flow. It applies extra thin to penetrate and then sets highly-tacky.
Pint - fluid $14.50
16 oz aerosol   $9.99

Maxima FFT foam filter oil is a waterproof filter protection against dirt and fine dust. Its synthetic formula does not restrict air flow, plug filter cells, or migrate off the filter.
16 oz   $7.08
Liter   $9.81


We proudly offer both Silkolene and Maxima pre-mix, gear oil, fork oil and anything else you need! Call for pricing!

Fork Seals & Wipers

Fork Seals & Wipers
Seal & Wiper set   $53.95
Seals only, pair   $19.95

Fork Springs

Replacement Fork Springs
Need a new spring in your step? Use B&J's progressively-wound fork springs to tidy up your front end (includes spacers).
$85.00 / pr

Replacement Fork Tubes

Replacement Fork Tubes
Manufactured to fit your TY80!
$295.00 / pr

Custsom Falcon Shocks

Falcon Shocks
Custom Falcon gas trials shocks built on-site, re-buildable, re-chargeable. Truly customized to your rider weight, ability, and bike. Spring rates from 40 lb to 110 lb. Even a young rider benefits from the right shocks!
$340.00 / pr

Betor Shocks

Betor Shocks, 13.4"
Generic gas trials shocks with progressively-wound springs, 40 lb - 60 lb rate. Non-rebuildable, non-rechargeable.
$249.95 / pr

Fork Oil

Maxima & Silkolene Fork Oil
Silkolene fork oil is an advanced formula front suspension fluid that reduces wear, resists corrosion and oxidation. In light, medium, and interrmediate weights.
Liter   $9.50 ea

Maxima fork oil has a high viscosity of 190+ which provides uniform fork action over a wide temperatur range. Special additives control anti-foaming, rust and corrosion. In light, medium and intermediate weights.
16 oz   $4.89 ea

Steering Stem Bearing Kit

Steering Stem Bearing Kit

Brake Shoes & Springs

EBC Brake Shoes
Front or rear
$23.00 ea

OEM Replacement Brake Springs
Front or Rear, ea   $6

Rim Locks

Rim Locks
1.6, 1.85, 2.15
$7.99 ea

Wheel Bearing Kit

Wheel Bearing Kit
All the bearings and seal required to refit a wheel in one convenient package.

Spoke Sets

Spoke Sets
Stainless steel pre-packaged or custom spoke sets.
Front, inner/outer   $105.00
Rear, inner/outer   $120.00


Aluminum Rims
After-market aluminum rims.
Priced per application --  Call

Trials Tires

Tire Tube

Trials Tires
IRC Trials Tires & Tubes
Tube-Type Front    $82.95
Tubes, front or rear   $12
Tubeless Rear  $130

Michelin Trials Tires
Tube-Type Front   $112
Tube-Type Rear $183
Tubes, front or rear   $13
Tubeless Rear   $183

Dunlop 803 Trials Tires
Front   $93.37
Rear  $137.73

Please clean your engine and/or components prior to shipping.
If we have to clean the engine and/or components prior to repair or modification, there will be an additional $65/hr charge.

Engine Rebuild (plus parts/machining)
Cylinder Boring
Port Cylinder
Crank Rebuild (plus parts)
Fork Rebuild (plus parts)
From $75
Shock Rebuild (plus parts)
From $75
TIG Welding
Carb Cleaning & Repair
From $45
Bead Blast
Powder Coat (plus supplies)
Lace & True Wheels

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