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I just love our New Falcon TY Mono Shock
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'll Take Performance Mods for $1000, Please.....
  • "What is 'increases torque throughout the entire RPM range'?" The answer, of course, is B&J's cylinder porting, a performance mod for your trials machine. The increased torque gives your engine smoother response, more grunt, and better top end. Combine this mod with our cylinder head mod for the ultimate trials engine! (see Yamaha TY175/250 twin shock, TY350 mono shock, RL250, KT250, and Hodaka pages for more info.)
  • "What is 'ups the flow of fuel to the top end increasing power and torque'?" The answer to this one is B&J's crankshaft mod for the TY175. Your crank is disassembled and modified to increase the crankcase compression, resulting in the increase of flow of fuel, as already noted. This would also be a great time to rebuild your crank and install a new rod. Think of the money you'll save by doing it all at one time!
  • The final question is, "What is 'this mod gives a broader, smoother power band'?" If you said "Reed Cage Mod", you're a winner!! Your stock reed cage is modified for more flow. Combined with our Boyesen reeds, this mod gives a broader, smoother power band. Use with any and all of our other engine modifications for the ultimate engine!
  • We also offer a cylinder head mod for the mono and twin shock Yamahas. Your cylinder head is re-machined to a new combusion chamber shape and compression ratio, giving you more torque throughout the entire RPM range. Combine this mod with our cylinder porting for the ultimate trials engine!

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15 jan 08 @ 2:19 pm cst 

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