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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did You Know......?
  • B&J offers a TLR Reflex clutch mod that seriously (no, really!) improves the action of your clutch? Well, we do! The kit includes three (count 'em, three) custom friction plates and four B&J-machined steel plates. All for only $132.00!!!! What's that? You want your clutch to act even better? Well, how's about adding a custom clutch cable and adjustable lever to the mix for only $58.00 more?! Unbelievable, you say? Not really...just another service B&J offers. See what else is available for the Reflex HERE.
  • B&J offers a clutch pack for the Scorpa? End harsh clutch action with our Performance Clutch Kit. The kit includes two stock Yamaha fiber plates, three Kevlar plates, and four B&J-machined steel plates, custom clutch cable, adjustable lever B&J and a clutch gasket, all for only $200!! You'll wonder how you ever got along without it! See more for the Scorpa HERE.
16 jul 08 @ 9:42 pm cdt 

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